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Spinelli Function Facility

Spinelli Function Facility,
Lynnfield, MA
Delvecchio Construction Company
Aharonian & Associates
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Installing state-of-the-art electrical systems for a new function facility

When the Roberto family, a successful catering and function hall provider, decided to expand their business and build a larger, more modern function hall, they chose Bent Electrical Contractors to install the electrical systems.

The 30,000-square-foot Spinelli Function Facility in Lynnfield (MA) was designed to be a modern, tastefully appointed facility that would cater to weddings, parties, conventions, and business meetings. The design featured seven function rooms and four full-service kitchens, two walk-in cold rooms, two walk-in freezer rooms, and a pastry and food store. The architect had designed the overall building’s electrical systems, and an interior design firm planned the kitchen equipment layout and placement of chandeliers and other electrical lighting fixtures. It was Bent’s role to properly incorporate both designs to meet the owner’s expectations. Bent’s project manager had worked on a previous re-modeling project at the Roberto family’s East Boston facility and understood their requirements.

Adding Value to electrical system design

The owners wanted the new facility to be constructed in time for the holidays and the big millennium New Year’s Eve celebrations, which were six months away. The owners believed that Bent’s experience and familiarity with their operation would greatly benefit the entire design and construction team. Bent was able to solve some of the challenges presented by the electrical and lighting system design. The facility design featured custom-built chandeliers that were key showpieces for the facility, but were very heavy. Bent coordinated the efforts of the structural engineer and manufacturer to ensure that the structural supports for the chandeliers were properly located and designed to carry the chandeliers’ considerable weight.

Bent also recommended a re-design of the lighting controls. The original design featured stand-alone wall box dimmers in each room. These wall box units would have been unsightly and difficult for the staff to use, so Bent recommended an easy-to-use computerized master dimming control system that uses handheld LCD touch screen, preset, multi-scene lighting controllers that plug into an outlet.

During the construction of the project, a power failure at the job site inspired the need to incorporate an onsite standby emergency generator. The project budget did not allow for the cost of a generator at that time, so Bent re-designed the distribution system feeders so that they could be connected to a future emergency power generator. They also installed the necessary underground conduits to the future generator pad location to avoid future excavation of the parking lot. This not only saved the owner money, but the generator can be added at any time without major disruption to their operations.

Meeting a tight contruction schedule

Issues with the site’s soil conditions and foundation caused some delays in the installation of the new structural elements, requiring an accelerated schedule for the electrical work. Bent worked in a skillful and timely fashion to install the systems without sacrificing quality or safety. The facility was completed one day before the first function was to be held. The quality work by Bent Electrical Contractors on this project was cited for excellence by the Associated Builders and Contractors.