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Park Street School

Park Street School
General Contractor
Marc Truant and Associates, Inc.
Project Cost

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Providing an elementary school with energy efficient, state-of-the-art electrical systems

Located in the historic Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, the Park Street School is a private instituition that presently serves children in grades K through 3. Bent Electrical Contractors installed the electrical systems when the school was constructed in 2005.

After taking ownership of the five-story building, the Park Street School worked with general contractor, Marc Truant and Associates, to develop construction plans for a school that included state-of-the-art learning tools and would also be energy efficient. Bent worked closely with the owner and contractor to review the electrical and power needs and install systems that would meet their requirements within an eight-month construction schedule.

Bent updated the existing electrical system to meet building code requirements prior to installing new equipment for electricity, power, and lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), telecommunications, and voice/data systems to service the classrooms, laboratory, computer room (which included the latest equipment), and gymnasium/ auditorium. Bent also installed an automated master clock that controlled the clocks in each of the classrooms, a front entrance security system, public address/intercom, a new elevator, classroom and auditorium audio/visual systems and an addressable fire alarm system.

Energy efficient systems help owner save money

One of the owner's requirements was energy efficiency. Bent recommended the use of automated, programmable lighting and sensor controls for the building to save electricity costs. Bent also installed the infrastructure for photovoltaic panels that the owner plans to construct in the future. Photovoltaic technology converts light energy into electricity, with no moving parts, burning no fuel, and creating no pollution.

During the construction, Bent had to coordinate equipment deliveries and installation activities to accommodate the vehicle and pedestrian traffic in this very congested area of the city. Bent worked closely with the general contractor to ensure that the project was completed on schedule. Just as the construction was winding down in August, there was a flood in the basement of the building. Bent was able to quickly repair and replace the electrical equipment that was damaged.